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Wynwoodverse is a virtual mall that customers can visit to buy NFTs and real-world items. We are creating a unique metaverse that is designed for users to interact in and purchase NFTs as well as real world items. It is a futuristic marketplace that allows the user to browse from countless NFTs and real world items such as shoes, purses, clothes, etc.

When users purchase a real world item, it will be accompanied with an NFT of that item. Imagine purchasing a set of sunglasses, and then receiving the real world item at your door but also having a digital version of the sunglasses. The shopper can use the NFT sunglasses for their avatar in the metaverse. The NFT will also reveal where those sunglasses were made, where they traveled to, and how many owners they’ve had. When you decide that you no longer want the sunglasses, you can sell them to another user who will have all of the information regarding the sunglasses. Users will also be able to create stipulations on the smart contact where each seller receives a commission every time the item is sold in the future.

Wynwoodverse will be powered by a virtual currency that allows users from all over the world to purchase items. Real estate can be acquired in this metaverse allowing users to lease their space to other sellers. These parcels can also be sold at a higher rate in the future when the parcel appreciates in value.

We are passionate about creating the future of online shopping. A virtual world which allows the user to interact with others, shop for items from all over the world, and even use their avatar to see if clothing items fit.

The future of online shopping is here. The future of shopping is Wynwoodverse.

NFTs are unique (one-of-a-kind) tokens that serve to track the provenance and authenticity of rare virtual collectible items such as art and sports cards. NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. A fungible item can be exchanged for another item that is the same. A non-fungible item cannot be exchanged for another because it is completely unique. NFTs can be bought and sold using blockchain technology.

Most NFTs are part of the Ethereum Blockchain however, other blockchains have the ability to implement their own versions of NFTs. At the moment, NFTs can be anything digital. An interesting component of the NFTs craze is that you can copy any digital item as many times as you want but what makes NFTs special is that each digital item can be marked as a specific and unique digital commodity. This allows the provenance of the item to be known. Think of it as owning a print of a Dali painting as opposed to owning the original. Only one person can own the original, whereas many people can purchase the prints. The original obviously has more value.

The metaverse is a series of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. It is a proposed expansion of the internet. The first metaverses came in the form of video games. Games such as Roblox and Minecraft are metaverses. Metaverses are expanding beyond the video game now. Future metaverses will provide a virtual space where users, in the form of avatars, can interact and transact. It is also possible to create a metaverse within a metaverse. Users will be able to explore a metaverse and go shopping for real world items. In games, users are able to purchase items for their avatar but in the next iteration of the metaverse, users will be able to purchase real world items that can be delivered to their doorstep. A metaverse will also provide a virtual place for people to work. A meeting on the metaverse will one day replace a meeting on zoom. Imagine a 3D environment where users can share and create powerpoint presentations or videos.

A marketplace is a platform where vendors can come together to sell their products or services to a curated customer base. The function of a marketplace owner is to bring together the right vendors and the right customers to drive sales through an exceptional multi-vendor platform. This allows sellers to have a place to gain visibility and sell their products, and the marketplace owner earns a commission for each sale. A marketplace differs from an online store in that an online store is a single store selling its own products online. In this case, all marketing and operations are managed by the company that owns the website and products.

Marketplace owners do not own the inventory their platform sells. The marketplace owner leaves the more operational side of the business to vendors while focusing mainly on promoting their marketplace brand with a view to driving traffic to the platform and converting site views into sales.

Wynwoodverse is the metaverse that we will be creating. It will be designed with the user in mind so everything in Wynwoodverse will be easy to use. We will create a world where users can interact, shop, play, and work. XLPG is the digital currency that will be used in Wynwoodverse. Users will be able to explore the metaverse and take part in a number of different activities. Owners of land in Wynwoodverse will be able to curate experiences for visitors. Early investors in Wynwoodverse who buy more than $500 worth of the token will have access to land in Wynwoodverse at a discounted price.

Metaverse Investments

Decentraland Land Acquisition

We acquired land in Decentraland so we have a parcel of land that can be used as a storefront in this particular metaverse. We believe that Decentraland/The Sandbox will continue to be a major metaverse ecosystem so it is important to have a parcel of land here so that we can showcase our e-commerce store.

Sandbox Land Acquisition

We acquired land in The Sandbox so we have a parcel of land that can be used as a storefront in this particular metaverse. We believe that Decentraland/The Sandbox will continue to be a major metaverse ecosystem so it is important to have a parcel of land here so that we can showcase our e-commerce store.


  • Research
  • Promotional Video
  • Acquire virtual land in Decentraland
  • Acquire virtual land in Sandbox
  • Design and develop website
  • Integrate crypto payment protocols
  • List merchandise on the website
Reach sales of
$1 million
Reach sales of
$5 million
Reach sales of
$10 million
Further Development

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